Max 20 Betties per transaction.



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MASSIVE Thank you to everyone who minted!

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About AlphaBetty Doodles NFT

Bridging the Physical-Digital Knowledge Gap.

Together we’ll make AlphaBetty the symbol of early adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

  • 10,000 ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Over 150 Unique Traits
  • Full Commercial Usage for Owners
  • Fair Launch. Flat Price of .03 ETH



Start Funding Charity Wallet (6 ETH)

ETH giveaways to Betty Holders (2 ETH)


Start Funding Community Wallet (7.5 ETH)

Open Charity Governance to Token Owners


Community and Charity Wallets get Fatter

Create Liquidity Pool


Merchandise Integrations

Community Giveaways


Wallets Full
Charity (30 ETH)
Community (30 ETH)

Details in Discord



10,000 unique Betties will be available to mint!

Only 0.03 ETH + gas per transaction!

Of course not!

Please check out our roadmap above.

Betty owners will have full commercial rights to AlphaBettys in their owned wallets with no monetary limits on earnings on merchandise, derivatives or other commercial uses. AlphaBetty Doodles is a family brand. The AlphaBetty NFT Team reserves the right to, at its discretion, deny commercial uses that depict Bettys in illegal, illicit or NSFW contexts.

It is not. We spent a fair amount of time discussing this internally and as “fun and exciting” as it would be it ultimately has no impact to the amount of money the charity will receive, so the risk/reward trade off just wasn’t worth it. The contribution will be easily provable. We are not anons like many other project teams, which limits our likelihood to squelch.

Spreading the word about our mission on Twitter & Discord is already a lot. If you want to do more, feel free to reach out to us in DM.

The Team

Cheryl Griffin


Ken Malibu

Front End Tech
(BAYC #6431)


Community / Admin
(BAYC #4464)


Back End Tech


Community / Admin

Satvik Sethi

Social Impact Consultant


Front End Support


Community / Mod

Valyrian Snow

Community / Mod