About AlphaBetty Doodles

Author Cheryl Griffin, who lives in Brighton, UK wrote and published her first book in 2019.

'The Seagull Finds His Talent' told the story of a seagull who discovers his talent and inspires children to find their own.

In 2021, she then released her first AlphaBetty Doodles book 'AlphaBetty Doodles & her world of A-Z'. 

AlphaBetty Doodles is a colourful character aimed at young children to promote kindness and encourage children to have the confidence to be themselves as well as teaching the alphabet in a fun way!

Following the release, in August of that year a sell-out 10k NFT collection launched on OpenSea with sales reaching worldwide including celebrities and social media influencers.

Such was the success, AlphaBetty Doodles was able to raise over $100k for children's charities that included a primary school in the UK close to Cheryl's heart plus donations to Gamer's Outreach, Donor's Choose and St Jude's Hospital.

They also partnered with the Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity and donated books and plushies for an event at Clarence House hosted by The Queen Consort, Camilla, who is patron to the charity.

For the loyal NFT AlphaBetty holders, there were giveaways, book airdrops, custom Betties and a free mint seagull NFT companion.

Our own publishing company AlphaBetty Books was launched in 2022 and we currently have a number of books published including 'Be More Betty', a cookery book and a Birthday activity book. A number of merchandise items are also available such as the AlphaBetty plushie.

As well as having been able to donate to such good causes, what gives us the greatest thrill is seeing children interact with Alphabetty Doodles.


From seeing some dress up as AlphaBetty to enjoying the books in their pink bobbles cuddling their plushies and having AlphaBetty book displays in schools.

It proves that children can fall in love with AlphaBetty Doodles like we have!